Tuesday, April 6, 2010

St. Inez Creek
Times of India , Goa Edition dated 6 April 2010 figures the present state of St Inez nullah which was in fact once a creek. That brings to my mind the recollections of the old days at Don Bosco ,Panjim School. On the Western side of the football grounds flowed quietly the waters in St. Inez creek. In full tide the waters were deep and permitted boating. A few of the students did their rowing practice under the tutellage of Salesian educatuors . If lucky one of the enthusiastic clerics would take the students for a motor boat ride through the channel under the road into the Mandovi river. Also during the football game the ball from the westenmost side ground tended to plunge into the creek. One of the daring students would venture into the creek and retrive the ball.

Once a coconut tree either fell naturally or was placed over the creek by an ingenous Salesian educator. The students then played Robin Hood on it. The purpose was to plunge the opponent into the waters for an unwanted bath. Those were the days of Robinhood influence in school life.

I pray and hope that the creek would be restored to at least its former glory.